Teaching Reviews


“My older son, Max, attended the senior session (of Luzerne Music Center 2012 & 2013).  The first word that comes to mind when I think about his experience is WOW!  He grew exponentially as a musician and, more importantly, as a person.  The child that came home from camp was not the same child that we sent!  The influence that Cecilia Kang had in three short weeks was remarkable.  She motivated and inspired Max.  I am extremely grateful that he had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful individual – she is truly an asset to Luzerne!”

-Betsy S. (http://luzernemusic.org/testimonials/)

 “Dr. Kang is an immensely talented clarinetist and musician who also possess a natural gift for teaching.  She is able to combine her passion for playing with a teaching method that is both engaging and inspirational.  Dr. Kang teaches with a style that is both classic in her approach to technique, and innovative in her use of interactive technology.  She has also taught them how to be attentive to their own playing, getting the most out of their practice time.  As a result, their improvement is both tangible and motivating.  The quality of her instruction has been borne out in the comments they have received from their MSBOA Solo and Ensemble judges, accompanied by consistently high ratings.  As a parent, it is gratifying to know that my kids are developing not only terrific technique, but a life-long love of music.”

-Joy K.

 “I have really enjoyed the variety of opportunities Dr. Kang has provided to my son, from having informal improvisation sessions with fellow students, to setting up an ensemble group, to helping him rehearse his solo piece with computer-aided accompaniment.  She uses innovative teaching techniques that encourage his interest and motivation, while improving his technical ability. He notices and appreciates the positive tone she maintains as she challenges him to play his best on the clarinet.”

-Lara T.

 “Dr. Kang has a clear sense of how to challenge young musicians without overwhelming them.  The attention and additional music she has provided have resulted in Wes not only gaining a much better feel for the clarinet, but also a much deeper appreciation of music.”

-Barry B.

 “Working with Dr. Kang has added a new and exciting dimension to Maya’s music experience.  Dr. Kang was able to bring Maya’s musicianship in ensemble play to a whole new level.  Dr. Kang’s patient, thoughtful and musical nature helped Maya see the duet as the challenging and fun musical form it can be.  The real testament is that Maya and her duet partner are anxious to continue working together on the path that Dr. Kang has started them down.”

-Jeff B.

 “Dr. Kang’s dedication, kindness and talent in working with students create a great learning environment.  Our daughter grew not only in her musical abilities and understanding while studying in two different classes with Dr. Kang, but her enthusiasm and interest in playing her instrument and working in an ensemble grew as well.  Dr. Kang is a talented musician and is able to bring out the best in her students.  We are looking forward to more opportunities to have our daughter work with Dr. Kang.”

-Trudy H.